Trip Report: Pratt Lake Basin 24 Nov 2018

Region: I-90 Snoqualmie Pass area

Trailhead: Pratt Lake Trail #1007

Started at the Pratt Lake trailhead around 10am on a Saturday. The lot was more than half empty, despite being a sunny and relatively warm late November morning. The parking lot had slush and some snow off to the sides.

The trail was muddy at the start. Continued on Pratt Lake trail past the junction with the Granite Mountain trail. Around 2800′ the trail began to be covered with slush. By 3400′ this slush was completely turned to snow, which made travel a bit easier. At the junction with the trail down to Talapus Lake and Olallie Lake, the Pratt Lake trail was well worn in the deep snow and there were no footprints leading down to the two lakes. The snow became much deeper past this junction. Eventually there was enough snow that I decided to turn back, just before reaching the junction in the trail leading to Pratt Lake Basin or Island. The trail was still easy to navigate despite the snow, as it’s pretty well-used.

Pratt Lake Trail